20/07/09 22:28
Hi Wordless, Padraig here, one of the designers. Our idea is to let each researcher tell his/her own story. There may well be risks and benefits of a particular application a non-expert could pick up on that an expert might not.
20/07/09 15:21
Here's a question: how are you gonna deal with the problem of "nanopollutants", i.e., the treatment of nanoparticles that may be released in the environment. Biodegrability?
venkata pakala
20/07/09 12:01
really fascinating. definitely the amyloid based research combined with nanotechnology will reveal the mechanism of toxicity leads to find novel therapies for amyloid diseases. also interesting to know how the functional amyloids beneficial to broad spect
16/07/09 12:01
very interesting
16/07/09 11:23
Fun, but no way to assess the usefulness or dangers of these technologies in absence of some kind of objective critical commentary.
16/07/09 11:23
nice learned alot i plan to study nano anyway

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